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The Carolina Raptor Center dives into saving energy

Posted on 3 Sep 2010 by Energy Tight

The Carolina Raptor Center has been a favorite destination for students, teachers, Charlotteans, and volunteers alike for nearly 30 years!   It is a great place nestled in Latta Plantation off Beaties Ford Road and you have not been,  do yourself a favor and go see what it is all about.

Their mission is to promote environmental stewardship through education and the role raptors play in our ecosystem.  The Raptor Center is all about promoting sustainable habits that support animals and humans alike.

That’s why when given the opportunity to do an energy audit at the center we jumped at the chance to volunteer.

Jim Warren, the CRC’s Cheif Operating Offiicer, invited us along with CPCC’s 3D Modeling class to come uncover ways to help their facilities save energy.   The plan is to come up with the most effective measures to help save energy and utility costs so those funds can be used to help fulfill the CRC’s mission.

Once the work scope and materials needed are complete a small army of volunteers will go to work making the buildings more energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy (That’s Energy Tight’s Mission).

"Carolina Raptor Center", "Thermal Image",

Owly, a 26 year old tenant at the Carolina Raptor Center gets the thermal treatment

5 Things Volunteers Can Do at the Carolina Raptor Center?

  • You can work in the raptor “ER” helping injured raptors become healthy enough to be released back into the wild.
  • You can be a part of the transport or raptor ambulance team and respond to calls by the public regarding injured raptors that need to be picked up and taken to CRC.
  • You can educate the public about birds of prey and how they play a role in conservation as a docent volunteer or an exhibit volunteer.
  • Help us take care of our many resident birds by cleaning cages, feeding them and performing health checks.
  • Are you handy and enjoy working outside? We can always use help repairing aviaries and performing other general maintenance around the property.

Join the volunteer program and help make energy efficiency at the Raptor Center

5 Energy Tight Tips to help you save like the CRC

  • Ceiling fans require far less energy than air conditioners, and help you feel cooler at higher temperatures. You can feel as cool at 82ºF under a fan as you would at 77ºF in still air.
  • Close window coverings during the day to block solar heat.
  • During the hottest times of day, don’t use your stove, oven, dishwasher, or clothes dryer. Your air conditioning will use too much energy trying to cool your home.  
  • Let food cool before you set it in the refrigerator, so the fridge doesn’t have to work harder to maintain cold interior temperatures.
  • In most homes, heating water is the third-highest energy cost. Lower your water heater temperature setting as low as possible to save money each month.

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