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#DNC hashtag party starts at 10am

Posted on 19 Aug 2010 by Desiree Kane

The Democratic National Committee Summer Meeting in St Louis, MO (#STL) begins tomorrow. Representatives of bidding cities will have a ‘meeting of the minds’ to discuss political approach for the 2012 DNC.

This morning at 10AM EST we strongly encourage the city of Charlotte (because we’ve got a bid in for the DNC, too) and the state of NC to cause a stir on Twitter using all/some/any of the following hashtags: #DNC #CLT #CLT2012 #DNC10.

Tweet what you love about our state! The #DNC/#DNC10 tag is the most important because it’s got the largest number of eyes on it and its a good way to bring our state to the forefront in a positive way.

Regardless of political affiliation having the DNC in Charlotte is an economic stimulus we can’t help but rally together for. It’ll bring $150-$200 MILLION dollars to our city/region. Our libraries and public services are facing closure or reduction as funds all around have been dwindling. This bid could bring about the Queen City’s best features being given national attention and put Charlotte on the map! We all know we’re not some back country bumpkins but the perception is still there that we are.

So here we go everyone! Tweet about why you love Charlotte, why you love living NC, what’s great about our people here, etc but first and foremost, let’s have this be about how great WE are not about what’s bad about anyone else. We’re all friends here!

#DNC hashtag party ends at 12:00pm our time today.


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  2. Derek 19 Aug 2010 at 10:56 AM

    It would be great if Charlotte would use the funds from tourism taxes to sure up the library system and teachers salarys as suggested. Unfortunately that will never happen, this is a city where we bought bigger recycling bins (with microchips in them) for the same cost that could have kept 150 teachers from losing their jobs. Our priorities are out of wack, quantity instead of quality. There is such a thing as growing to fast.

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