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ASC announces first round of investments for FY 2011

Posted on 21 Jul 2010 by Jenifer Daniels

On July 20, 2010, The Arts & Science Council presented its next vision for a for Mecklenburg County. You can read all the details on their website.

Present were community leaders like Mayor Anthony Foxx, Mary Lou Babb, ASC Immediate Past Present Board Chair, and Marc Manly from Duke Energy, ASC Board Chair. Each spoke of the need for a vibrant and diverse community, engaged in arts and culture.

This year’s priorities

ASC laid out three priorities for the upcoming years:

  • Restore education funding
  • Develop a new cultural action plan
  • Address the future of funding through innovation

Future Initiatives

ASC President Scott Provancher laid out ASC’s vision for the future — the Cultural Action Plan.   Provancher highlighted previous plans that included public art, cultural facilitates, educational programs, and tourism efforts.  He also gave us a peek into the future by announcing the silent launch of the planning process for the upcoming Cultural Action Plan that will tackle the “new normal” of the economy and new, innovative giving models eluding to a possible “cultural marketplace” or a of sorts; matching donors to specific projects.

20102011 Cultural & Community Investments

ASC’s first round of investments total $8,213,100, with museums, science centers, and historic sites receiving over $4M, performing arts receiving $3.3M, and education and community & diversity projects receiving the remainder.

ASC by the numbers:

  • 4700 full time jobs in the arts, cultural, science, and history sector
  • $157.96 million in local economic activity
  • 93.3% of respondents think arts, science and history organizations make a positive contribution to the quality of life in Charlotte-Mecklenburg
  • 79.8% of Mecklenburg residents support county funding for programs (UNC Charlotte Urban Institute Report)
  • young people who are invoked in cultural programs are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievements
  • Charlotte Culture Guide included over 60,000 cultural events in 2009.

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