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Pecha Kucha Night Volume 6

Pecha Kucha Night vol. 6 recap

Posted on 18 Jul 2010 by James Willamor

The 6th edition of Charlotte Pecha Kucha Night went down this past Friday. Pecha Kucha Night continues to evolve and always showcases some of the best and brightest in the QC. Earlier this year, Charlotte Pecha Kucha was selected the city’s “Best Creative Gathering” in the Charlotte Magazine “Best of the Best” awards. PKN CLT is presented by Point8 Forum and, for the second time in a row, a packed Dharma Lounge hosted. Douglas Welton again served as MC for the event. Below is the list of presenters.

Natalie Bork
Crista Cammaroto
Ana Jofre
Jason Kierce
Robert Kosara
Jack Ossa
Carlos Salum
Cathy Sheafor
Wolly Vinyl
Mike Wirth


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