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Flooding on Mallard Creek Greenway

Flooding on Mallard Creek Greenway

Posted on 27 Aug 2008 by Jason Keath

This is off Mallard Creek Rd. in Charlotte. I usually ride my bike on a trail that leaves from these soccer fields and follows a creek as part of the Charlotte Greenway trail system. Rain for 3 days straight and 4.5 inches yesterday alone has crested that creek to about 14 feet above normal. The rain is all Hurricane Fay remnants pounding NC. The water was actually about 5 feet higher, covering the road, a few hours before.

It should be noted that this area is designed to flood. This creek is so low compared to the surrounding University area that all the water rushes down from the paved areas and fills like a gutter. Still, it rarely gets this high.

More video and photos on Flickr, or view them embedded in this post.