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Luna’s Living Kitchen: new raw/vegan restaurant opens in South End!

Posted on 22 Jul 2010 by Willie Jordan

Calling all foodies, a new healthy eating option is opening in South End this week!

Luna’s Living Kitchen is a new, local restaurant serving a variety of vegetarian, vegan or raw food meals, treats and drinks. Located next to the Atherton Mills Farmer’s Market, Luna’s prides itself on using nothing but the finest organic and local ingredients. Luna’s serves healthy entrees, salads, desserts, smoothies and juices six days a week and should definitely appeal to the hugely growing market  interested in healthy, organic and local food.

Luna’s is the brainchild of local restaurateurs, Juliana Luna, Randy Powell and Andy Thewlis. For Luna especially, opening “Luna’s” is extension of what she wants to do as far as educating people about making healthy food choices. Says Luna:

I think that food is one of the first needs of all human beings and if you provide your community with proper food and nutrition, you can do a lot of (good) work… this is what I’m trying to do here.”

Luna’s menu is different from most eateries, because it’s menu is all vegetarian, vegan or “raw”.  Raw food especially is a new concept for many. Raw foodists believe that food is best uncooked and unprocessed, and by eating food in it’s purest form, you can get the most possible nutrients out of it. While the lifestyle isn’t much of secret to those who frequent local farmers markets or health food stores, it’s still a foreign concept to most Charlotteans. That is something Luna’s hopes to change soon. Luna’s wants to welcome to raw foodies, vegans/vegetarians and non-vegans/vegetarians alike.

Some of the specialties on the menu include the Lunasagna (a raw version of lasagna made with zucchini noodles, sun-dried tomato sauce and green cashew cheese) and the Sprouted Quinoa-Kamut Veggie Burger. They even make their own raw granola (which is no surprise, since much of the food is produced on-site or comes from local producers.) Luna’s serves a variety of juices, drinks and smoothies. Including their own home-brewed kombucha tea, a drink which has developed quite a cult following nationwide, and just recently locally for its health benefits.

In fact, local health gurus should be already familiar with the faces behind the counter. Luna, Powell & Thewlis used to work at Real Food Charlotte, another restaurant which served healthy, vegetarian and vegan cuisine before it closed unexpectedly last year. Instead of letting it keep her down, Luna is hoping to use her Real Food Charlotte experience as a springboard for better things with “Luna’s.” To her, food is like art. And she hopes to spread that knowledge to her customers. “I have a passion for food, and especially everything related to educating people through food.”

In addition to making great food, Luna’s wants to be a one-stop shop for healthy living. Luna’s has set up a library full of books on vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, yoga, holistic living and more. Also, there are plans in the work to host health lectures twice a month with local health experts. Eating at Luna’s is also good for the environment and the local community. The restaurant does in-store recycling and composting, and all their plates, cups and utensils are biodegradable. In addition, the art and store fixtures were produced by local artists and craftspeople.

Luna’s is located at 2102 South Blvd, Suite 15o in the Atherton Mills Complex, between the Atherton Mills Farmer’s Market and Evolution Gym. They’re open Monday through Thursday, 11am — 7pm; and Friday through Saturday, 8am — 3pm (closed Sunday).

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phone: 7043330008
Facebook: Luna’s Living Kitchen Facebook Page
Twitter: @lunaskitchen


  1. Justin Holt 22 Jul 2010 at 10:02 AM

    if you like the vegan food at Luna’s, check out for more vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in the charlotte area!

  2. Carly 27 Jul 2010 at 4:49 PM

    Great blog Willie! Nicely done. It’s so important to bring attention to others who are helping to create a healthier Charlotte (and beyond!)