Armando Bellmas' interview with artist Sharon Dowell | CLT Blog
Factory January by Sharon Dowell //via @bestillpleaseFactory January by Sharon Dowell //via @bestillplease

Armando Bellmas’ interview with artist Sharon Dowell

Posted on 5 Jul 2010 by Desiree Kane

Local photographer Armando Bellmas, whom I had a wonderful chat with about a year ago about his influences as a Charlotte based artist, has a really nice interview of local artist Sharon Dowell up on his blog, Be Still Please.

He talks with her about how living in Charlotte influences her work and showcases some of her beautiful paintings. You should check out both Armando’s page and Sharon’s interview because both are making moves in Charlotte’s art community in positive, encouraging ways. He begins the interview by saying;

I’ve been a big fan of Charlotte-based artist Sharon Dowell for some time now. Her paintings are like memories layered upon each other and stacked high in your mind. Whether it’s one of her dazzling cityscapes or a ghostlike figurative painting, Sharon’s work is exciting, pushing you to look a little deeper and longer.

I always want to know more about how people create: what inspires them, how they motivate themselves, etc. So I asked Sharon some questions about her work and inspiration.”

via Capturing the energy of place: An interview with artist Sharon Dowell | be still please.


  1. l.b lee 15 Jul 2010 at 5:51 PM

    Great work I hope to own a larger piece soon! Sharon’s work shines. Nice interview.