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Speed Street saw a 15%+ increase in recycling this year

Posted on 8 Jun 2010 by Justin Ruckman

From Moira Quinn @ Center City Partners:

Food Lion Speed Street, the annual Uptown Charlotte event known for its racing theme, live performances and bags full of freebies, made recycling a top priority this year – with impressive results. More than 15 percent more waste was recycled than in 2009. Ultimately, just over 40 percent of all waste was recycled – a staggering 18.75 tons of cardboard, bottles, cans and grease that did not end up in a local landfill.

Across the board, recycling at Speed Street saw significant increases from the 2009 event.


Garbage — 2009: 74.51%, 201059.03%

Recycled cardboard — 2009: 15.97%, 201022.45%

Recycled bottles/cans — 2009: 7.23%, 201016.42%

Recycled grease — 2009: 2.29%, 20102.09%

Total tonnage

Garbage — 2009: 74.51%, 201059.03%

Recycling — 2009: 25.49%, 201040.97%

The numbers reflect increased dedication to waste reduction and sustainable practices at high-traffic events. The International Special Events Society (ISES) recognized 2009’s Speed Street as the “Best Green Event” because of its then-nascent recycling program. This effort “paved the way for other Charlotte events to initiate a similar, large-scale recycling effort,” according to JHE Production Group, which organizes Speed Street.

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