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Felica of IT Factor Media Group being fabulous, as usual!  - Photo credit: Ty RoseboroFelica of IT Factor Media Group being fabulous, as usual! - Photo credit: Ty Roseboro

#SATC2 Pink Carpet brings out some of CLT’s most fashionable

Posted on 26 May 2010 by Desiree Kane

Last night was the Sex and the City 2 VIP event & pre-screening of the movie and man, did Charlotte’s ladies show up and they brought their style with them!

Everyone there was dressed in their sexiest, looking all hot on a Tuesday night. There were tons of Charlotte’s familiar faces! Ladycat Stacey, Cubby from 96.1’s AM Mayhem was there with a mystery woman, even Felisha Fletcher, local publicist and high profile socialite was there, rockin’ the red carpet! It was so fun and so girly!

Anyway, here are my pics for the most fashionable at this event and I hope it give a good impression of what Charlotte’s chic women’s fashion is all about.

Here are the boutiques that got shoutouts from the girls:


And the regular favs:
TJ Maxx on South
Marshall’s Cotswold
Marshall’s University
Banana Republic in Birkdale Village

I wore a beautiful cuff by local favorite EcoCuff: http://www.etsy.com/shop/GreenMarketGirl?section_id=6156502

Skirt & top separates from Lotus in Dilworth: http://ladyinlotus.com

and Nine West stiletto pumps, which I’ve always found to be really versatile!


  1. Avatar of Jenifer Daniels
    Jenifer Daniels 29 May 2010 at 10:12 PM

    now i’m mad that i didn’t go!