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Southern Holiday kicks off tomorrow, follow the event here!

Posted on 13 May 2010 by Matthew Tyndall


We’ve set up a dedicated column to cover Southern Holiday, the arts & culture event kicking off tomorrow and lasting through May 23rd. Follow the latest updates at

Southern Holiday is online, with more info and an event calendar, at


Southern Holiday was born out of the steaming humid days and cool candlelit nights of summer in Charlotte, NC. Sitting around having a conversation about how rad it would be to have a 24-hour extravaganza that would show the work of people we knew and work from people we admired, there was a palatable hunger hanging in the air. The conversation graduated from idle gin-induced chatter to a project that sprouted hairy legs and took off. This was the grand summer of 2009. With the help of Helena Saunders, Michael Southard, Ross Wilbanks, Iris Williamson, Andrea Brown, Bo White, Ben Gelnett and the extended Southern Holiday family, a 24-hour no holds bar event smaked Charlotte in it’s metaphorical ass.


May 14th through the 23rd marks the 2nd annual city-wide Southern Holiday, a 10-day arts feast of the senses providing a break from the monotony of the daily grind. Over 25 of your favorite established art institutions, grass-roots collectives, and exquisite businesses come together to inspire, enthrall, and foster the arts in the Queen City. Events comprise of community projects, art exhibits, lectures, workshops, film, music, dance, acting, athletics, cookouts, and other grand festivities.

Participants include PaperGirl, Culture Initiative, CLT Blog, Machine Theatre, Kinnikinnik Records, Point 8 Forum, The Light Factory, Charlotte Arts Catalysts, Dugg Dugg, Pura Vida, Furious Seasons, Interactive Surveillance, Sinergismo, Ink Floyd, Yoga Interventions, Women Centered Art Co-op, The McColl Center for Visual Art, Blu Magazine, and Roller Derby Girls.

It is the expressed goal of Southern Holiday to create a more unified, vibrant, and supportive art culture in Charlotte. Let’s make it happen! This is going to be the single most best week of your life!

For detailed information and a calendar of events visit

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