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Plaza Midwood looking for parking solutions

Posted on 2 May 2010 by Justin Ruckman

photo credit: James Willamor

Residents in Plaza Midwood say their east side corner of central Charlotte is becoming an urban district with enough appeal to draw visitors from other parts of the city.

Those visitors are willing to leave their cars behind to stroll on sidewalks lined with a small, eclectic collection of local businesses and standout restaurants and cafes. (…)

With Plaza Midwood’s growing appeal comes an age-old urban challenge: parking. (…)

Plaza Midwood has a couple of public parking lots, including one with a two-hour limit at Central and Thomas avenues.

Those lots can fill up quickly, especially during the dinner hours.

Some visitors risk leaving their vehicles in a private lot owned by a business other than the one they are headed to. In some instances, their nights have ended with a bill from a towing company. (…)

Now, the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association wants to get the city involved. Members wrote a letter to the Charlotte City Council asking it to require what it describes as more adequate signage. (…)

The issue is guests of our neighborhood need to be properly informed,’ said association member Jonathan Winn. (…)

If people approach Plaza Midwood with the same approach as a suburban shopping center, they may be disappointed,” he said. “For some people it’s a new experience to have to walk for two blocks to go to (a restaurant). “As we become more urban, this is part of the reality.’”

Read more by Karen Sullivan at the Charlotte Observer.


  1. messyurbanist 2 May 2010 at 11:30 PM

    Plaza-Midwood is in part successful because of the loose enforcement of parking rules. Businesses that tolerate shared parking are making the district prosperous. With some toleration, life and commerce can happen. Cities are messy that way.