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Charlotte lost half its tree cover since 1985

Posted on 30 Apr 2010 by Justin Ruckman

A report to be given to the City Council on Monday shows that the city has lost half its tree cover since 1985. (…)

The county as a whole has lost 33 percent of the tree cover it had in 1985, the report found. (…)

The report notes: ‘Charlotte Mecklenburg’s tree cover has declined for the last 23 years and new policies and practices will need to emerge to reverse this trend. Based upon this latest data, tree canopy in Mecklenburg County has reached the point where further decline will cause the County to fall below levels recommended by American Forests. Charlotte Mecklenburg is now at a crossroads that will set the course for environmental quality for decades to come.’”

Read more by Mary Newsom at the The Naked City.

Download the report from, it starts on page 70.

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