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Queens Cup Steeplechase races into Waxhaw

Posted on 29 Apr 2010 by Desiree Kane

Tons of people in fancy hats and fancy pants flocked to the 15th Annual Queens Cup Steeplechase in Waxhaw this weekend for a day of tailgaiting, horses, terrier races and fun!  I went out to spend the day at the race and was pleasantly surprised that there was such a thing in the South that I hadn’t yet experienced.

I’ve had my fair share of sweet tea, pork BBQ, mosquitoes and po’ boys since I moved here in 2002. Steeplechase Racing has been around hundreds of years and started in Ireland but the Queen’s Cup Steeplechase is as gloriously traditionally Southern as all of those things combined and it’s a lovely event to attend in the Spring.

My friend Ryan Hurrell snapped these photos. Enjoy!

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