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Photos: Pecha Kucha Night Volume 5

Posted on 13 Apr 2010 by James Willamor

A packed Dharma Lounge hosted the fifth installment of Pecha Kucha Night in Charlotte on Thursday, April 8th.

The set up for the event was simple — each presenter gets 20 slides, with 20 seconds per slide. The night started off with a poetry slam and ended with a musical performance, with the presentations in between ranging from photography, to comedy, a visual performance, artistic dance, and eco-design.

The event was sponsored by Point 8 Forum and Dugg Dugg, and the MC’s for the evening were Carrie Gault and Mitchell Kearney.

Below is an alphabetical list of all the presenters at Charlotte Pecha Kucha Night Volume 5:

1. Austin Ballard and Paige Cochran

2. Jeff Cravotta

3. “El Negrito”

4. Valaida Fullwood

5. Paul Gibson

6. Jack Kirven & Annie Vereen

7. Kym Motley

8. Nikki Mueller

9. Bradley Kirk Turnage

10. D. I. von Briesen


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