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Insurrection Tour rolls into Charlotte

Posted on 3 Apr 2010 by Steve Knight

The above video is a sample of what you can expect Saturday night from Peter Rollins.

Peter Rollins isn’t really a famous name yet here in the U.S., except in certain circles who know him to be a provocative postmodern philosopher and storyteller. Rollins hails from Belfast, Ireland, where he’s been a major proponent of the emerging church movement, as co-founder of an experimental, open source faith community known as Ikon and the author of several books such as How (Not) to Speak of God, The Fidelity of Betrayal, and his latest The Orthodox Heretic.

Rollins recently relocated to the U.S. to develop his unique brand of postmodern philosophy and theology mixed with storytelling and performance art. He’s currently touring the East Coast on his “Insurrection Tour” with two Irish mates—poet/singer songwriter Pádraig Ô Tuama and artist/DJ Jonny McEwen. They bring the “Insurrection Tour” to the Queen City on Holy Saturday (April 3) for a one-night event being held at Area 15.

Rollins says the “Insurrection Tour” is “[an] attempt to outline a radically different way of approaching faith, doubt, atheism and church. An approach that seeks to fundamentally interrogate one of the dominent manifestations of Christianity in the contemporary world.”

The “Insurrection Tour” website describes it this way:

Through a provocative cocktail of incendiary theology, haunting soundscapes and musical lament Peter Rollins and friends will offer an invitation to set forth on this perilous return. A return that will strip everything from us, incinerate everything we hold dear and inaugurate a new year zero.

Warning… this tour involves the use of strong language and ideas that may be unsuitable for those easily offended.

Is it all just bollocks? We’ll find out this Holy Saturday. Beer and wine and conversation will be flowing. It’s a free event. Doors at 7 p.m., the show begins around 8 p.m. For more details, visit the Charlotte Emergent cohort Meetup group event page.


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