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Charlotte on CNN: “Americans rebuild for the ‘new urban century’”

Posted on 2 Apr 2010 by Justin Ruckman

We’re creating infrastructure for human beings, rather than automobiles,” says Michael Smith, CEO of Center City Partners in Charlotte, a group of business leaders that has helped lead a revival of the city’s downtown.

Creating a new infrastructure means new rules, experts say.

What’s on the way out: sprawling interstates, suburban living, long car commutes.

What’s now in: light rail, green space and vibrant downtown districts.

As you look at the cities that are going to thrive in the next century, there’s a belief that we’re entering the urban century,” Smith says. “There’s a new urbanism that’s not about cul-de-sacs or expressways. It’s sidewalks, bike paths and parks.”

Read more by John Blake at CNN.

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