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On to the Championship Game!

Posted on 2 Apr 2010 by Meck

In the highest scoring games of the tournament, your final two teams have made their mark.

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The US National Whitewater Center rushed past The Penguin, 8868.

Uptown rose above NoDa Gallery Crawls, 8472.

Now 1-seed Uptown will face 16-seed US National Whitewater Center in the highly anticipated championship game! Let’s take a look back to how these two teams got to where they are now…

Top-seeded Uptown dominated easily from the beginning.  It took out the Burb’s, Rogue Helicopter Pilot, and Jake Delhomme’s retirement in decisive victories.  It also sent home crowd favorites and above-average contenders Amelie’s and NoDa Gallery Crawls.  Uptown enters the final round on a streak that doesn’t want to stop.

The US National Whitewater Center took down fellow outdoor attraction Carowinds easily in the first round. The team also easily covered up Future’s Boob, drove past Queens & Queens, and bagged up Harris Teeter. Perhaps most telling was the final four, where USNWC easily defeated game-favorite The Penguin.  The US National Whitewater Center is confident and focused from their unlikely run to the top. Uptown would be a fool to underestimate them now.

Voting will take place over the weekend, and the first ever CLT Madness Champion will be announced Monday.  There can only be one winner, so vote now and vote often!

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