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Sweet 16! On to Round 3 of CLT Madness!

Posted on 26 Mar 2010 by Meck

Cinderella stories and heartbreaking upsets! After an awesome set of match-ups, we now have our Sweet 16! Let’s take a look at some of the action from Round 2

Click here to skip over to voting in Round 3, if you like. You can download a big version of the second round bracket too.


Trade and Tryon blew out Pat McCrory’s hair, 8642. The Penguin scarfed down Construction Cranes, 10821. In a close match-up, the Light Rail narrowly prevailed over Freedom Park 6760.
In this region’s surprising upset, Myers Park Trees beat Brotha Fred, 11117.

Transplants sent Bank of America packing, 7157. Price’s Chicken chomped Symphony in the Park, 7651. Brooklyn Decker outshined Sir Purr, 8047.
NoDa Gallery Crawls might be this year’s Cinderella story, as they took down Bill Belk in the highest scoring match, 11414. Um, were there even 114 people at the last gallery crawl?

Another Cinderella, US National Whitewater Center took out Future’s boob, 8247. It’s the only 16 seed left in the game! Queens & Queens blew past Hurricane Hugo, 9433. Yet another Cinderella, Harris Teeter took down Plaza-Midwood hipsters, 7057. And Getting gas in South Carolina beat the Top Cats, 7948.

Uptown grounded the Rogue Helicopter Pilot, 9532. Jake Delhomme’s retirement benched Chilly Willy, 8542. Amelie’s out-charmed Airport Rocking Chairs, 8641. And Ric Flair pinned Rev. Bill Graham, 7651.

A full list of winners and losers is below. Be sure to vote in the Sweet 16 over the weekend! Results will be posted Monday morning.

Round 2 results:

Trade & Tryon(1)/PatMcCrory’s haird(8): 8642
The Penguin(5)/Construction Cranes(4): 10821
Light rail(13)/Freedom Park(14): 6760
Myers Park trees(10)/Brotha Fred(2): 11117

Transplants(1)/Bank of America(9): 7157
Price’s Chicken(5)/Symphony in the Park(4): 7651
NoDa gallery crawls(14)/Bill Belk(11): 11414
Brooklyn Decker(2)/Sir Purr(7): 8047

US National Whitewater Center(16)/Future’s boob(9): 8247
Queens & Queens(4)/Hurricane Hugo(12): 9433
Harris Teeter(14)/Plaza-Midwood hipsters(11): 7057
Getting gas in South Carolina(2)/Top Cats(10): 7948

Uptown(1)/Rogue Helicopter Pilot(8): 9532
Jake Delhomme’s retirement(12)/Chilly Willy(4): 8542
Amelies(6)/Airport rocking chairs(3): 8641
Ric Flair(2)/Rev. Billy Graham(7): 7651

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