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CLT Madness Round 1 results are in! On to Round 2!

Posted on 24 Mar 2010 by Meck

This morning at 9am the exciting first round of CLT madness came to a close.  Let’s take a look at the action in each of the four regions.

Click here to skip over to voting in Round 2, if you like. You can download a big version of the first round bracket too.


Trade and Tryon handily defeated The Gold Rush, 10324. No surprises there. Pat McCrory’s hair brushed past Anthony Foxx 7949, and The Penguin crushed The Booty Loop 9830.  Now that’s what I call a big block!

In the regions first upset, The Light Rail drove down 485, 8148. The Green was mowed down by Freedom Park, 9136. And Construction Cranes rose above Vacant Bank Offices, 9335.

The Myers Park Trees are feeling good this morning after finally defeating Cankerworms, 10621.

In what began as a close game, Brotha Fred pulled away in the end to defeat Matt and Ramona 7056.


In what was almost a startling upset, Transplants narrowly sent The Meck Dec. packing, 6361.  Bank of America topped Wellschovia, 7351.

In a dissapointing game for vegans, The Disco Chicken was fried by Prices Chicken, 8241. Squak! Symphony in the Park laid Settler’s Cemetary to rest, 9727.

A long time rivalry ended in upset when Bill Belk took down Bill Diehl, 6953.  Go judges! And a real crowd pleaser, NoDa Gallery Crawls easily upset Speed Street, 7647.

In the battle  of the mascots, Sir Purr out-cuted Rufus, 9627. And Brooklyn Decker easily took down Unknown Hinson in a battle of looks and celebrity,9033.


In a shocking upset, The US National Whitewater Center zipped past Carowinds, 6659. In another close match-up, Future’s Boob came out on top of UNCC’s Belk Tower, 6560.

The closest game so far, Hurricane Hugo blew over Sandra and Leon Levine, 6361. Queens&Queens confused The Big Rock and took the win, 10619. And the Plaza Midwood hipsters rallied to prove their superiority of McMansions, 8737.

In another shocking upset, Harris Teeter gobbled up the Queen’s Feast, 7946.

In the battle of the cheerleaders, the Panther’s Top Cats out danced the Lady Cats, 7352.  Meanwhile, Getting gas in South Carolina ran circles around NASCAR, 8514.


Uptown easily beat the ‘burbs, 9431. David Thompsons Rogue Helicopter Pilot topped viral rival Cubby’s Beyonce Impression, 8838.

In another crowd pleaser, Jake Delhomme’s retirement outshone Bobby Lutz’s retirement, 9727. Talk about a big payout!

Chilly Willy smoked Hugh McColl 6461 in a close matchup. Amelies chewed up the Epicentre, 8441. In a close game, Airport rocking chairs benched 7th Street Station, 6659.

The Rev. Billy Graham took down Rev. Rob of Apple Auto Sales, 7451. Can I get an amen?

And to close out Round 1, Ric Flair pulled out on top of SouthPark Madam, 9432. Wooooo!

The full list of winners and losers is below.  Remember to vote today and tomorrow for the second round and check in Friday for the results.

Will potential Cinderall stories US National Whitewater center, NoDA gallery crawls, Harris Teeter and Hurrican Hugo have what it takes to make the Sweet 16?
Will a Rogue Helicopter Pilot encircle Uptown?
Will Pat McCrory’s hair continue to dominate?
Will Brotha Fred be able to beat Trees?

Vote now and stay tuned…

Round 1 results:


Trade & Tryon(1)/Gold Rush(16): 10324

Pat McCrory’s hair(8)/Anthony Foxx(9): 7949

The Penguin(5)/The booty loop(12): 9830

Construction Cranes(4)/Vacant bank offices(13): 9335

The Light Rail(13)/485(6): 8148

Freedom Park(14)/The Green(3): 9136

Myers Park Tress(10)/Cankerworms(7): 10621

BrothaFred(2)/Matt&Ramona(15): 7056


Transplants(1)/The Meck Dec.(16): 6361

Bank of America(9)/Wellschovia(8): 7351

Prices Chicken(5)/The Disco Chicken(12): 8241

Symphony in the Park(4)/Settler’s Cemetery(13): 9727

Bill Belk(11)/Bill Diehl(6): 6953

NoDa Gallery Crawls(14)/SpeedStreets(3): 7647

Sir Purr(7)/Rufus(10): 9627

Brooklyn Decker(2)/Unknown Hinson(15): 9033


US National Whitewater Center(16)/Carowinds(1): 6659

Future’s Boob(9)/Belk Tower(8): 6560

Hurricane Hugo(12)/Sandra and Leon Levine(5): 6361

Queens&Queens(4)/The Big Rock(13): 10619

Plaza-midwood hipsters(11)/McMansions(6): 8737

Harris Teeter(14)/Queens Feast(3): 7946

Top Cats(10)/Lady Cats(7): 7352

Getting gas in SC(2)/NASCAR(15): 8541


Uptown(1)/The ‘Burbs(16): 9431

Rogue Helicopter Pilot(8)/Cubby’s Beyonce impression(9): 8838

Jake Delhomme’s Retirement(9)/Bobby Lutz’s retirement(8): 9727

Chilly Willy(4)/Hugh McColl(13): 6461

Amelies(6)/The epicentre(11): 8441

Airport Rocking Chairs(3)/7th Street Station(14): 6659

Rev. Billy Graham(7)/ Rev. Rob of Apple Auto Sales(10): 7451

Ric Flair(2)/SouthPark Madam(15): 9432


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