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Chalkboard Art 2

Chalkboard exhibits new collection at Twenty-Two

Posted on 5 Mar 2010 by Liz Barrett

Chalkboard's Exhibit at Twenty-Two

Perhaps you’ve seen his sketches and paintings hanging in Black Sheep Skate Shop or on the underbelly of their custom skate decks, or perhaps you’ve come across one of his irreverent stickers on a bench around town. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Chalkboard’s mark in any of those non-traditional art viewing spaces, then you can check out his new collection at Gallery Twenty-Two this month. Open since November 2009, the bar slash lounge slash coffee house slash art gallery isn’t exactly traditional itself, but provides a unique and refreshing art experience for Charlotte.

The new show, “Simple Art for Simple People,” features works by local artists Chalkboard and Tyler Baum. Located in the heart of Plaza-Midwood and owned by Lise Barnett and Rodney Raines, Twenty-Two strives to bring new forms and ideas to the Charlotte art scene. Artists in their own right, Lise and Rodney felt that many of the galleries in Charlotte were too restricted with their exhibits. They’ve taken from experiences in other cities to create a place here for art beyond “Charleston beach scenes” that is also a cool place to hang out. Lise says, “We’re not like any other galleries around. Nothing is ever going to be taboo here.” In their latest exhibit they stay true to just that.

Chalkboard Art

Chalkboard describes his work as “funny and sick.” He draws inspiration from old cartoons and adds offbeat and subtle humor to create color intensive pop art reflective of the skateboarding and music culture he lives in. He says, “I don’t consider myself an artist, artist, artist type person. I just like doing it and making something to laugh at.”

Don’t miss his signature screaming guys (life size for this show) shouting one-liner rifts on local places and be sure to check out the titles of each piece. The titles alone can elicit a laugh acting as a cartoon punch line and creating an entirely different perspective for the piece.

Chalkboard Art 2

In the future, look for “balloons and bigger” from Chalkboard. In Twenty Two’s future, look for shows from … Jerry Russell and Robert Page (paintings) in April, comic art in conjunction with Heroes Convention in May, and Zachary Sessions (woodworking) in June. There are also plans in the works for a live graffiti show and patio opening in spring/summer 2010.

Simple Art for Simple People” runs until March 28, 2010. Free. All pieces are for sale. Chalkboard’s run $60 to $200 and Tyler Baum’s run $35 to $1500.

Twenty-Two is open 12pm to 2am Wednesday through Sunday.

What: Artist Reception, Afterparty at Snug Harbor
When: March 6, 2010, 7:00 p.m. til late
Where: Gallery Twenty-Two
Cost: free and open to the public

More photos of Chalkboard prepping for show and Twenty-Two:

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  1. Dr. Sizzle 5 Mar 2010 at 4:29 PM

    you should mention that Panther John Kasay has an original Tyler Baum drawing in his locker…

  2. Kasey Dicello 7 Feb 2011 at 4:17 PM

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  3. Jeremy Russell 14 Mar 2010 at 1:42 PM

    Hey my Name is Jeremy Russell, I’m having an opening at twenty two on april 3rd, not jerry russell, thanks