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Citizen media & activism in Vancouver (w/ Kris Krug)

Posted on 22 Feb 2010 by Justin Ruckman

video: Justin Ruckman; watch in HD on YouTube (recommended)

Last week we had a chance to catch up with Vancouver-based photographer, web guru and man-about-town, Kris Krug (@kk). His deep involvement in Vancouver’s tech, media & creative scenes made him a natural tour guide, which isn’t to say he doesn’t get out of the city: a quick glance at his popular Flickr account shows photos from the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit, TEDxVancouver, SXSW, Pop!Tech, An Event Apart, and a handful of recent BarCamps in Vancouver and Shanghai.

We met up by the steam clock in Gastown, walked down to the Woodward’s redevelopment project, and then over to the W2 Culture+Media House, a break-out 4-story coworking and event space geared specifically for citizen media production, press conferences and art exhibition. From there we walked down a few blocks to the red tent protest, which at the time was just getting started.

Take a moment to watch all 14-ish minutes of this video (in HD), it’s worth it.