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Recap: Arts & Science Council 2010 Fund Drive

Recap: Arts & Science Council 2010 Fund Drive

Posted on 9 Feb 2010 by Justin Ruckman

video: Matthew Tyndall & Justin Ruckman; watch this in HD on YouTube

Charlotte’s ASC recently launched their 2010 annual fund drive, with a goal of $7.3 million. We were there livestreaming the event, and got some great interviews with some key people involved, including ASC president Scott Provancher (who unbeknownst to many, is on Twitter at @scottprovancher).

In the video above, we gave them a chance to relay why the ASC, and the publics’ donations, are so important to Charlotte’s cultural environment.

Some interesting facts we learned about Charlotte’s ASC, and cultural community at large:

  • Charlotte’s ASC is the 5th largest in the nation
  • it’s tied with San Francisco for the amount of money contributed to cultural partners
  • last year Charlotte had 3 million visitors to the 70,000 cultural events sponsored in part by the ASC, which is more people than attended the Panthers, Bobcats, Knights, Checkers, Wachovia-Wells golf tournament, and NASCAR events combined

While corporate contributions usually make up a fair percent of the ASC’s annual budget, this year they’re to reach out in particular to individual contributors.

You can learn more, and donate, at Follow the ASC on twitter at @ASCCharlotte.


  1. Joel 9 Feb 2010 at 5:49 PM

    Alright! All the Discovery Place shoutouts make me feel great!