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Ramblings of a Recessionista

Posted on 9 Feb 2010 by Jessica

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Times are hard.  People are broke or unemployed, business is down everywhere.  I am a member of the unemployed and I have noticed an increase in the amount of people out during the week as I go into month 8 of doing nothing.  As the economy stays down people are trying to not kill themselves by going out and being social or just drinking away the feelings.  Feelings are bad.  I have managed to find good specials in many different areas of town making it possible for a poor person as myself to get out for cheap.  My employed friends hate going out with me as there is no alarm clock cutting my night short.  I need more unemployed friends…or hey how about a job, Universe.  So here’s a short list of Mon-Thurs stuff to get into.

Brixx Pizza in Blakeney — $1.95 domestic microbrews (this is a chain wide special).  I like Brixx.  The bartenders are always very friendly and quick on service, they have an excellent beer selection, the atmosphere is intimate but, not crowded and they turn on their heaters outside for smokers.  I know everyone is super happy (including me, a smoker) that we are forced outside but, don’t taunt us with unlit heaters.  That invokes rage while freezing one’s ass off.  I have been known to pick one bar over another because they use heaters.

Angry Ale’s — $2 Domestics.  Sadly this used to be $1, you can’t really post on Facebook that it’s Dolla Beer Holla night anymore.  What?  That’s catchy.  Sometimes it’s a little frat boy bar but, most of the time Angrys is a good chilled bar to go to.  Also, their wings Angry Ales style are amazing. 

Duckworth’s — $2.50 drafts and pizza night ($11.99 large up to 9 toppings).  You are noticing the beer trend huh…beer is the cheapest over liquor and wine and if you truly are broke then you know that (plus it’s my favorite beverage…except for coffee, nothing beats coffee).

The Melting Pot — Kings Dr. location.  Mon-Thurs the bar menu is half priced from 57 at the bar.  This is cheese and dessert basically and really do you need anything else?  How about half priced bottles of wine on Tues. under $75.  We’ve almost been kicked out of there twice. 

Cosmos — uptown half priced appetizers and half priced martinis.  I’ve not been on a Wednesday in a really long time…something about salsa dancing?  I didn’t want to leave Wednesday out.

Town Tavern — starting at 9pm you can play beer pong downstairs with some 25 cent drafts.  They also have $2 drafts starting at 5pm.  Also the female servers/bartenders where school girl outfits…everyone likes that.

Pizza Peel — local’s night with live music.  Last Thursday it was $3 beers from certain Mecklenburg county breweries.  Also every night you can play beer poker for $2.50.  The higher the card the better the beer…you could end up with a $7 beer!  If you haven’t been to the Pizza Peel check it out…fantastic pizza and a huge beer selection.  Bonus:  Tuesday night is pint night you get to keep the glass…that is if you don’t drink too much and forget to take it with you…repeatedly.