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Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox

Vicente Fox speaks at Charlotte Museum of History

Posted on 28 Jan 2010 by Desiree Kane

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox

photo: James Willamor; view this photo on Flickr

Tuesday evening CLTBlog-tographer James Willamor and I had the most amazing opportunity to cover a speech given by the Former President of Mexico. He was in town with the Former First Lady, Marta, speaking at the Charlotte Museum of History for their Distinguished Speaker Series. Even better, I got to ask him a question!

Read more to see what he had to say:

Desiree Kane:  What way do you feel that the people of the United States most misunderstand the people of Mexico?

President Fox:  “You know people-to-people we understand each other very well.  I don’t say we all eat hamburgers or hotdogs, tacos a and tostadas. But People to people, it’s true. We have the most extended and warm relationship. When it moves to the political arena, when it moves to nation-to-nation, then we move to show the differences.

When you have the Lou Dobbs’ with ½ an hour of prime time television being so aggressive to Mexican people, so disgusting the way he speaks, then you create this aggressiveness but besides that I would say again people-to-people we have a great relationship.  

And this 2224 million Mexicans that are here, half documented, half not documented, but all of them working and working hard for you, for your family; Building your homes, building the roads, collecting apples in Washington State, collecting the vegetables in California, doing the services in New York. That’s why Mr. Bloomberg mentioned, the mayor of New York, said the city would collapse if it were not for the immigrants working there.

So, we understand each other, we work well. We have to find a way to combat reform, immigration reform. It’s not talking borders. It’s not to let anybody come in or go out, no. It’s to regulate what is unregulated, it’s to bring order to where there is more or less disorder of the man, to bring legality and recognition to the work that is being done by these people.  

We just have a great dinner with President Bush, 1 week ago and all of the other people sitting in that room were Mexicans, very, very lovely Mexicans. The same thing happens in many homes here in the United States. Let’s build up that partnership up with order, with legality and with prosperity.”


photos: James Willamor; view this slideshow on Flickr

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