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Google Street View all over Charlotte

Posted on 4 Jul 2008 by Jason Keath

Google Street View Charlotte

Trade and Tryon, looking at the BOA tower

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On June 10th, Charlotte, NC was added to Street View, the collection of interactive, panoramic photos that Google Maps has been adding to since May of last year. Charlotte is thoroughly covered by Google, with every conceivable part of town and suburb getting some type of showing, including almost everything within the 485 loop.

As soon as Google Street View launched, bloggers all over the country started showcasing the weird and intriguing things caught in the moment by the Google cameras as they drove by. We look forward to the candid finds — good or bad — that await Charlotte now that we have joined the fray.

Below is a cool shot of Trade and Tryon, as well as a regional and national map to show you where Google is so far, including some broad coverage of the Triangle and Triad from Winston to Raleigh. If you find anything good on Google’s Street View of Charlotte, be sure to let us know.

Google Street View Charlotte

Trade and Tryon, pedestrians, trolley, statues

Google Street View Charlotte Region

Mid Atlantic Region covered by Google Street View

Google Street View Nation

Nation covered by Google Street View


  1. James Sack 9 Jul 2008 at 10:31 AM

    I spent way too many hours looking at the Charlotte area via Google’s Street View last week–during business hours. Not a good idea.

    • DBMack 10 Apr 2010 at 2:35 PM

      Viewing the street views is not a bad idea but maybe doing it at work when you know you have work to do isn’t.