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Center City 2020 Vision Plan kicks off today

Posted on 21 Oct 2009 by Justin Ruckman


CLT Blog is the Center City 2020 Vision Plan’s new media partner. Our involvement, including the use of our advertising spaces, our live-blogging services during the event this evening, and the use of CLT Blog contributers to provide more in-depth coverage on the project’s official blog, has been sponsored by Charlotte Center City Partners. We thank them for their support of us and of community journalism.

In 1999, a plan was produced as a collaborative effort between the general public, Center City Partners, the City of Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County, to guide our Uptown development for the next decade. From that came concentrated support and direction for such initiatives as the redevelopment of the Metropolitan, the extension of Little Sugar Creek Greenway, the EpiCentre, UNC Charlotte’s uptown building, and the parks in progress in First and Third Ward.

Now, ten years later, the time has come to look to 2020. The Center City 2020 Vision Plan kicks off this evening with a workshop at the Charlotte Convention Center. Doors open at 5:30pm.

when: tonight @ 5:30
where: Charlotte Convention Center

The first half of the evening will feature interactive exhibits centered on soliciting ideas for 2020 and promoting community, including video booths, large postcard-holding hand sculptures, a big neighborhood map to pin your home on, and a caricature artist to draw you with your favorite place and memory in Charlotte.

The second half will feature some prepared video, and open up into a forum for submitting ideas.

That’s where we come in. If you can’t make it to the event this evening, head over to our Live page. We’ll be livestreaming and moderating suggestions from Twitter and the chat room. On Twitter, just use the hashtag #clt2020 and send over your ideas for the future of our Center City. You can even start right now, if you like.

For reference, “Center City” is being defined as a fairly wide area:

Picture 3

Follow @CenterCity2020 on Twitter for updates, and check out the official website.

Check out some posts written by CLT Blog contributers over at the Center City 2020 blog, highlighting some of the more successful initiatives from the 2010 plan:


  1. Desiree Kane 21 Oct 2009 at 3:09 PM

    I’m really stoked that CLTBlog will be live streaming this! This is a really cool opportunity to glance into what the future of our city holds. If this is anything like the 2010 vision in terms of success, it’ll be exciting to be some of the first folks “in the know” about what we can expect to see for Charlotte in the future!

  2. Melissa Fortune 21 Oct 2009 at 9:25 PM

    Great job Matt & Justin! As always, CLTBLOG is #1st: