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No Pants Light Rail Ride – CharlottePhoto: David T. Foster III — [email protected]

Charlotte drops trou again (for charity)

Posted on 10 Jan 2014 by Richard Purcell

For the second straight year, No Pants Light Rail Ride – Charlotte (#CLTnoPants) is going down this Saturday, January 112014.

2014 CLTnoPants Flyer 1

What started as a small prank by seven New Yorkers in 2002 has grown to an international phenomenon in over 50 cities around the world. But only Charlotte can say that its day of bare thighs and cold derrieres benefits a charitable cause! Last year as over 100 of The Pantless dropped trou, many of them donated their pants and other articles of clothing to the charity Warm Charlotte to benefit the community’s homeless.

It’s gone from a prank to a pantless parade. Think of #CLTnoPants as a way to make Charlotte smile (and make it weird). There are numerous reasons to go sans-pants on Saturday. Some are doing it as a freedom of expression, for charity, to show pantless Panther pride, to make people laugh, and some are just doing it for a new Facebook profile picture.


As The Pantless arrive at Scaleybark Station on Saturday at 3PM, they’ll be greeted by hot coffee compliments of Magnolia Coffee Company. As they gather, organizers will relay the instructions while on the Light Rail which include: abiding by all CATS laws, keeping a straight face, and if anyone wearing pants asks why they aren’t to simply say “it got too hot” or “I forgot them” as nonchalant as possible.

The train arrives at 3:27 to take The Pantless to Epicentre then back to their final destination at Carson Street Station at approximately 3:51 where a special surprise awaits to take them to The Sans Pants Party.

The Historic Southend community collaborated to make #CLTnoPants like a pantless block party. It’s been a form of hyper local patronage as numerous businesses and community leaders from Southend pitched in to represent a community “on the edge.” The Sans Pants Party is at The Unknown Brewing Company and expect locally brewed libations, an eclectic array of music, Charlotte’s favorite food truck Tin Kitchen, free kombucha from Lenny Boy, raffle prizes from popular Southend establishments to benefit Warm Charlotte valued at over $1,000, and afterwards Uber will kindly take The Pantless safely home, free of charge.

Additional details at:

Hashtag: #CLTnoPants

Twitter Handle: @TheMoxieProject

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