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BarCamp Charlotte is back with its 8th event

Posted on 23 Oct 2013 by Jill Bjers

It’s back and almost here. After a year and half hiatus we are excited to have BarCamp Charlotte back for an 8th event hosted by The Geek Fest and CPCC on October 26, 2013 from 9:00am — 4:30pm in the Pease Auditorium. We have undergone some changes during the hiatus, with new additions to the organizing committee, new venue and re-designed website, but the same great BarCamp Charlotte spirit remains.

Not sure what BarCamp Charlotte is? It is a FREE “un”-conference that focuses on technology and innovation. We have carved out a timetable but no speakers have been scheduled. You arrive Saturday morning (9:00am) for a pitch session, where you and your fellow attendees talk about an idea you would like to discuss during one of the sessions. It can be anything you are passionate about, a problem you want to solve, an idea you want to share…anything. We write them all on a board and the other attendees vote for the topics they would like to hear. We take the top 10, assign them rooms, and the sessions begin. Then, we repeat the process in the afternoon.

The Pease Auditorium (1200 Sam Ryburn Walk) at the Central Campus is a large, beautiful auditorium that holds 400 people. So there is plenty of room for everyone. CPCC has made parking available for attendees in the Faulty & Theater Deck at 1224 E Fourth St.. You can register at

We hope you have been thinking about pitching and what you’d like to hear. Remember, pitching may sound intimidating but I promise, we are a lovable bunch and genuinely want to hear what you are passionate about. Sessions don’t have to be you in front of the room lecturing the whole 45 minutes. They can be brainstorming sessions, round tables and/or an interactive conversation with your other attendees. Your pitch is your passion, question or idea, therefore it is truly what you make of it.

We hope to see you all at BarCamp Charlotte 8 on Octboer 26, 2013 at CPCC Central Campus Pease Auditorium!

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