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The future of the Vue, the Park, and skyscrapers around the world

Posted on 9 Sep 2009 by Justin Ruckman


Skyscrapers on hold around the world
image: Theo Deutinger, TD Architects

Last week the Vue joined the Park on Charlotte’s list of buildings put on hold due to non-payment. But Charlotte is by no means alone in our struggle to finish what we’ve started.

In a recent article by TD Architects out of Rotterdam:

‘On hold’ is probably the most heard phrase in the past several months in architecture offices around the world. What might sound at first as a slight delay has had an effect similar to stepping on an active garden hose: either the stoppage is brief and the project jumps into realization, or the hose bursts – end of project.

According to Emporis and Skyscraperpage, two major high-rise building survey websites, there are currently 198 skyscrapers (>100m) ‘on hold’, amounting to 10% (Skyscraperpage) or 11 % (Emporis) of the skyscraper projects around the world. (…)

In total there are 42.1 km of high-rise buildings on hold, with Asia home to more than one third (16.1 km) of the accumulated height. The impact on employment is severe. For example, delay of South America’s proposed tallest buillding, Gran Torre Costanera (300m), has resulted in 2,000 jobs on hold, according to local unions. Extrapolating this meters-to-jobs ratio to all 198 skyscraper projects on hold, the niche product ‘skyscraper’ would be good for about 280,000 job losses worldwide.”

While many of the Vue’s workers have been be relocated to other projects, still others are now out of work. A trusted source tells me construction won’t be able to resume for 46 weeks at a minimum, and that’s only if the unpaid $12 million can be reconciled immediately.

Surely the Vue’s 52 stories will be concluded in time. The Park’s new owners plan to resume construction within six months, but it took the project over a year and a half to get to this point. Hopefully, for Charlotte’s skyline, the Vue does not face a similar sentence.


The Vue as of August 2009
photo: © 2009 The Vue; view this photo on Flickr


The Park as of August 2009
photo: James Willamor; view this photo on Flickr


  1. Rob Cummings 10 Sep 2009 at 8:52 AM

    On my jog through the city this morning I saw that the land adjacent to the Time Warner Cable arena is being graded for the development of Courtside Condos. That is good news. The other mixed use development next to the arena is still under full development also. So all is not bad with development Uptown. I also saw in the paper this morning that the buyers at 210 Trade are meeting this evening to figure out how to get their deposits back. Wish I could attend but I have a prior engagement. I am going to give the organizer, Mike Ross a call tomorrow though.

  2. Sh'Kira 15 Sep 2009 at 7:47 PM

    Haha, pay not attention to that man behind the curtain.
    “Surely the Vue’s 52 stories will be concluded in time.”

    Reminds me of,
    “Surely Mr Madoff has our best interests at heart,”


    Surely Ken wouldn’t tell us to keep investing in Enron if he new is was in dire straights…”

    How soon they forget…