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CLT rapper Stranger Day brings back the cassette mixtape

Posted on 1 Aug 2013 by Kia O. Moore

Stranger Day showcases his unapologetic Red Solo Cup Party Rap sound in analog form with a limited edition cassette tape release. Only 100 cassette tapes will be in circulation, but everyone can access his non-stop party sound on Soundcloud.

You can grab the full You’re Welcome mixtape online.

The Charlotte-based rapper’s sound on the “You’re Welcome” Mixtape has a nostalgic early-90’s West Coast party rap lyrical feel, minus the gang banger references, that is infused with southern trapstyle beats. Tracks like “Peace by Piece”, “We Bout It”, and “Hawaiian”,  serve as odes to partying hard and not worrying about how others perceive you. “Not Another One”,“Shut Up”, “Original Choppaz”, and “Ro$ary” showcase an unapologetically raw viewpoint of the world, set to dirty south hip hop beats.


The 50 minutes of the “You’re Welcome” Mixtape provide the perfect soundtrack to a summer road trip or poolside bash. The smooth track transitions provided by the mixtape’s DJ, Famous Jason, combined with the fun and often times blunt party lyrics of Stranger Day create the perfect sonic bliss for a party where Red Solo Cups can be found in every hand.

To get that Stranger Day party experience live and in living color, check him out during his North Carolina tour:

  • 8/4 Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall w/ Jarren Benton

  • 8/8 Wilmington, NC @ Ziggy’s by the Sea w/ Riff Raff

  • 8/10 Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theater w/ Scowl Brow, Little Bull Lee, Modern Primitives, It Looks Sad, and more

To learn more about Stranger Day visit his website.

Peep his 2011 MTV-U-certified music video, Stranger Day’s Not Playin’.

Get a quick introduction to the Stranger Day mentality in his 2013 Music Video “Not Another One”:

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