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City Council approves streetcar funds

Posted on 29 May 2013 by Justin Ruckman

Read more by Steve Harrison at the Charlotte Observer:

After a year of bickering, the City Council voted 74 Tuesday night to set aside $63 million for a streetcar extension through uptown Charlotte – a decision celebrated by dozens of residents who pleaded for the transit project to move forward.

The vote does not guarantee that the 2.5 miles of streetcar line will be built, because the city must secure a federal grant to move forward.

But the decision settles, for now, an issue that has divided council members and even torpedoed the city’s nearly $1 billion capital budget plan a year ago.

City Manager Ron Carlee’s plan cobbles together $63 million from various pots of money – mostly surpluses that haven’t been spent. The city has said that property taxes wouldn’t be used and staff members have stressed that a tax increase wouldn’t be required to pay for the project – which has been named the CityLynx Gold Line.

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