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Entrepreneurship the answer to black unemployement in CLT?

Posted on 17 May 2013 by Kia O. Moore

QcityMetro.com has posted an excellent write-up and podcast that highlights ways to help solve unemployment in the African-American community.

With the unemployment rate for young people stuck in double digits, a growing chorus is calling for more training in skilled labor and entrepreneurship.

Two such proponents are here in Charlotte.

Henry Rock, who moved from New York in 2012, is working with the Urban League of Central Carolinas to launch what he calls an “entrepreneurs academy” – a 15-week, hands-on program that would train “at-risk men of color” ages 18 to 29 to start and run their own businesses. At the same time, Hans Plotseneder, a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teacher who twice ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the school board, has applied for a charter to launch Entrepreneurs High School, which, he says, would render students work-ready upon completion in four to five years. Plotseneder would serve as principal.

Both ideas are intriguing enough. But as difficult as entrepreneurship is, can potential business owners be identified, trained and churned out like mass-produced widgets?

Check out the full article & podcast here.

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