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Going green: the Charlotte 49er football stadium’s zero-waste policy

Posted on 22 Apr 2013 by Justin Ruckman

Read more by Jessica Milicevic at Lake Norman News.

We saw what Ohio State University was doing to transform their stadium to zero waste,” she said. “We thought it was something that had to be done at our stadium, too.”

By zero waste, Payne means the stadium won’t produce any waste that has to go into a landfill. Instead, everything purchased at the stadium will be recyclable or compostable.

Payne, a psychology major and environmental studies minor, said the easiest way to get people to recycle and compost is to train them early.

If you study human behavior, you see that if you plant an idea early enough, it will carry on for a long time,” she said. “At the stadium, we will be teaching people how to recycle and compost by not giving them any other options.”

Steven Marques, who does marketing for the committee, said there won’t be any trash cans at the stadium, except in the restrooms.

We’ll have signs up, and volunteers that will help people understand what to recycle and what to compost,” he said.

All the compostable material will be sent to Earth Farms, a composting site in Dallas. Eventually, Payne said, she’d like to have the compost come back to the university to be used for gardens.

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