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Flash mob: Queens vs. Kings

Posted on 8 Aug 2009 by Justin Ruckman


Queen Charlotte

day: Friday, August 21
time: 5:30pm — 5:50pm
where: International Trade Center, uptown

From the event on Facebook:

Charlotte is known as the Queen City (after Queen Charlotte). Well, we Kings of Charlotte (that’s you, gentleman) are sick and tired of being overlooked. (This is a man’s world!) It’s time to take it to the streets and stage a protest demanding Charlotte be re-dubbed The King City.

You Queens of Charlotte (the ladies) aren’t going to take this lying down, however. (It would be nothin’ without a woman or a girl!) You will instead stage a counter protest to keep the city’s nickname intact and to squash this male rebellion.

Arrive in costume (ladies as Queens, men as Kings) with signs demanding change (men) or demanding no change (women).

We will meet at 5:30 on Friday, the 21st, and immediately start protesting and counter-protesting. We will carry on for twenty minutes and will then disperse. Try not to hang around afterward, as this somewhat lessons the weirdness of the whole thing.

There’s a statue of Queen Charlotte in front of the International Trade Center (200 N College St) in uptown and this will be the venue for the protest. It is right near the intersection of N College and W 5th Streets. Direct all questions, comments, etc. to the wall, or you can email [email protected].”

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