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New rules favoring growth for Charlotte breweries expected to pass at tonight’s City Council meeting

Posted on 25 Mar 2013 by Justin Ruckman

The city has expedited the process for passing these updated rules in consideration of several craft brewing projects already in development. In a public hearing last week, no oppositions were voiced.

Discussion with those closely following this process say the new rules are likely to pass.

Previously, the city’s rules referred only to where alcoholic beverages could be manufactured. That limited a brewery to a 5,500-square-foot building if it was in an I-1 (light industrial) or I-2 (general/heavy industrial) zoning district. And if in an area zoned as I-2, the brewery building had to be at least 300 feet from any home or residentially zoned property.

The new rules would allow breweries as big as 60,000 square feet in I-1 and UI (urban industrial) zones under prescribed conditions. Any outdoor production, processing or repair equipment that’s used will be required to be kept at a distance of 300 feet from the property line of land designated for residential use.

Breweries in I-2 districts could be bigger than 60,000 square feet if the building is at least 300 feet from homes and residential districts.

Read more by Susan Stabley at the Charlotte Business Journal.

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