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International Art Market at Area 15

International Art Market at Area 15

Posted on 14 Jun 2008 by Ben Ullman

Come out to Area 15 today, Saturday, and check out the very first International Art Market event! Resident artists, neighbors, friends, and others will be out in force.

date: Saturday, June 14
time: 10am – 6pm

In case you don’t know, Area 15 is a warehouse space at 15th and North Davidson Streets. It is a creative and cultural crossroads, a housing studio space for artists, interior designers, and photographers, and an office space for the Junior Chamber of Commerce and various spiritual outreach groups. They even have five “resident” homeless artists for whom they provide space and materials.

I stopped by on my lunch break today and met Carlos Espin, the organizer of the Art Meetup and several other creative groups which regularly meet at the space. He was busy making arrangements for tomorrow’s big Art Market opening, but was generous enough to give me a quick tour. The many gallery, workshop, and lounge spaces throughout Area 15 were just amazing, and I won’t even attempt to get into it now, as I want to get the word out about today’s art market. But, you can be sure to expect more explorations into Area 15 in the future!

To give you a taste of the space, below is a video of a recent benefit held at Area 15, c/o local photographer Andy Ciordia. The Art Market will be taking place during the daytime, both indoors and out, so expect a bright and sunny vibe.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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