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CLT Blog Online Town Hall w/ John Lassiter, complete recording

Posted on 28 Jul 2009 by Justin Ruckman

Earlier this week, a poll conducted in Charlotte surveying 401 registered voters via telephone found that John Lassiter is leading Anthony Foxx 42 to 26 percent, with 32 percent undecided, in the upcoming mayoral race. Jim Morrill from the Observer has doubts about the accuracy of the poll, but one way or the other, it’s looking to be a close race.

Tonight, the two candidates participated in a forum at the Gateway YMCA hosted by the Third Ward Neighborhood Association.

The second CLT Blog Online Town Hall, this time with John Lassiter, was again a great success, with nearly identical viewership hanging out for our live broadcast earlier this month. Above is the complete hour-long recording, minus the first several minutes which we lost in the archives, with the questions asked of Lassiter tagged in the timeline.

Special thanks, once again, to Dave Potts (@dave_potts on Twitter) for manning the camera, and Nathan Richie (@nathanrichie) for so graciously moderating. And thanks to everyone who submitted questions before and during the broadcast.

We’re just getting started. Stay tuned!

Below is a complete list of the questions we asked Lassiter for quick reference.

  • How can Charlotte provide low-income housing — and support for its residents — in a way that’s better than the city has done in the past? If no one wants such housing in their back yards, are mixed-price developments the answer?
  • Now that the Energy Information Administration’s International Energy Outlook for 2009 shows for the first year that global oil production will fall dramatically, what infrastructure investments can we make to build a city less dependent on oil?
  • Would you support adding sexual orientation to the city’s non-discrimination policy, and would you support domestic partner benefits for city employees?
  • In the light of budget/funding decreases, what can we do to continue to make progress with “quality of life” improvements around the city such as sidewalks, curbs, parks, greenways, bike lanes, etc.?
  • With the future of the light rail in the air, how important is its role in the future of Charlotte’s public transportation?
  • How do you see our relationship with Raleigh? What can we do to improve it?
  • Given that you voted against the Urban Street Design Guidelines in Oct. 2007 and against the Bicycle Plan in Sept. 2008, do you support improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, and if so, how?
  • Federal and state governments are adopt new technology to help them become more transparent and to encourage civic involvement. As mayor, what technical tools would you recommend to increase citizen involvement in government?
  • On the June 3rd 2010 budget meeting, you were in favor of removing the $8 million street car funding in the 2010 budget. Having been a supporter of transit, is your position now changing, or do you think we need to adjust the 2030 transit plan?
  • What will your fiscal priorities be if you take office? Increase/decrease overall spending? In which sectors will you decrease spending?
  • Some voters consider you as longtime Mayor Pat McCrory’s hand picked successor. What will you do to differentiate yourself from being McCrory’s 8th term?
  • What is the one big thing you would like to accomplish in your first 100 days as mayor?
  • Has flooding in Charlotte been a long standing problem, and what should we do to fix it?
  • What do you feel about bringing back stoplight photo fines?
  • What can we do to bring a medical school to Charlotte?
  • How can the city keep local graduates in Charlotte?
  • What do you think of a bike-share program in a 10mi radius of the center city?
  • Will you raise taxes in your term?