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WhyelFiles documenting the rise of CLT’s urban arts creative class

Posted on 18 Mar 2013 by Kia O. Moore

By Kia O. Moore

I wrote a article profiling an online central hub documenting the rise of the CLT’s urban arts creative class. This hub is called Whyelfiles.com. This article will be showcased in Charlotte Viewpoint’s City Life Section  in mid-March.  Check out the intro to the article “Whyelfiles: Carolinas’ Urban Arts Creative Class”:

For many in Charlotte the lot where the once popular Uptons department store stood is an eyesore that needs to be removed from the Albemarle Road cityscape. For a small subset of Charlotte’s emerging urban artists, the beautiful blank concrete canvass is perfectly suited for an unintended, yet immensely creative pursuit. There, up and coming artists are using polyurethane skateboard wheels to “paint” the contours of the concrete with long artistic strokes that rumble over concrete fishers and glide atop homemade skateboard ramps.

Seeing skateboarders in action at the skate spot known as the Albemarle Foundation is like watching master painters create abstract pieces of art work full of color and depth. They move so fluidly and with such confidence on their skateboards that one cannot help but be mesmerized by their form of art—their urban art.

Documenting and promoting this popup urban arts movement is one of their own.

Whyelfiles.com is there to make sure what goes on here gets showcased through photography, cinematography, concerts, blogs, and skater related events. The new-wave urban artists stand by to record as the skateboarders perfect their kick flips and stick their landing from high flying jumps. Their record is uploaded to their site, a central online hub that showcases the artistic culture surrounding the skateboarding scene.- Kia O. Moore

If you want to read the full article NOW, visit Charlotte Viewpoint.

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