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The @bigfleet beat: January 2013’s startup news & events

Posted on 23 Jan 2013 by bigfleet

Each month, Jim Van Fleet distills the city’s startup community news and events into a single, easy-to-read digest. You can get this same information delivered directly to your inbox by signing up here.

2013: Portentous

Charlotte Startup Weekend 5, which starts Friday night, will be our biggest event yet.  We’ve got more sponsors than ever before.  We’ve got more attendees than ever before.  We’ve got Igor Jablokov, Jeremy Olson, Terry Cox, John Bradberry, Paul Wetenhall, and more.  We’ve got coverage in the Charlotte Observer.  From students at Davidson and UNCC to established Charlotte entrepreneurs to stalwart developer and designer alums, we’ve got all the ingredients for a great weekend.  It’s not too late for you to learn about the event and register.  It’ll be a better event with you, even if you can only come for Sunday night.

That’s just the first taste of things to come in 2013.  The city’s plan to promote high-growth entrepreneurship will be taking shape, and we’ll be raising funds for the Charlotte Regional Foundation for Entrepreneurship.  The CRFE stands to put up to $1m of investment into the startup community to support young businesses better.  The Southeastern Venture Conference is coming in March, thanks to Terry and her BIG Council, offering an unprecedented opportunity for Charlotte startups to get visibility.

But as positive as the rest of the year will be, some windows are starting to close!  Early bird registration for SEVC and the application deadline to present are at the end of this month.  Dozens and dozens of VC’s from the Southeast, the mid-Atlantic, and across the world will be here in Charlotte.  Take the time to take this opportunity, won’t you?

On Your Calendar

Reward Summit Launch Event

Thursday, January 24, 2013, 5:30PM
Cost: Free
Host: Reward Summit
Venue: Packard Place

You can win a free iPad by RSVP’ing and attending the launch of Reward Summit by Chris Hart and John Espey.  They have a very intriguing story, from Top Coder to open source to the App Store, and they’ll be sharing it (and free beers) on Thursday night at Packard Place.  Drop by and see them!

Gallery @ Packard Place “Money Meetup”

Thursday, February 7, 2013 6-8PM
Cost: Free
Host: Carmella Jarvi
Venue: Packard Place

If you, or someone you know, has wanted to make a living in the arts, please make sure they attend this meetup.

TwitPic CTO Steve Corona

Monday, February 11, 2013, 7PM
Cost: Free
Host: qcPHP
Venue: TBD

Among the many fascinating aspects of high-traffic online presences is the language neutrality of the requirements.  Web scale can and will crush sites of any construction, and no sets of software or vendors can ensure proper operation if you don’t actually know what you’re doing.  If you are interested in how you can handle a spiky, heavy read/write workload in real time, please join qcPHP in welcoming Steve Corona to Charlotte on Feb. 11.

NC IDEA Info Session

Friday, February 15, 2013, 12PM
Cost: Free
Venue: Packard Place

The NC IDEA grant has put over $100k on the balance sheets of Charlotte startups in the past 18 months.  Find out how your startup can be next at Packard Place in February with your RSVP.

In Your Community

TechBreakfast launches!

Since this is my last round of organizing Startup Weekend for a little while, I figured I’d have to have another way to get on stage or else you’d all forget who I was!  Vic Howie, founder of the US Whitewater Center, brought me the idea of having a low-key, fun pitch practice over breakfast, featuring feedback from panelists who know what they’re talking about.  It sounded great to me, and now we have TechBreakfast, a free event series on the second Wednesday of every month from 8 to 9:30.

You can wish me a happy 34th birthday in person!  Hope to see you there!

In Our Next Issue

We’ll have the Startup Weekend recap, an invite to a very special poker tournament, and much more.  Use the button at the bottom of this newsletter to forward to a friend so they don’t miss anything!


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