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Upgrades to I-77 & I-277 currently under consideration

Posted on 15 Jan 2013 by Justin Ruckman

While the state works on a plan to construct toll-based high-occupancy lanes between uptown and Mooresville (a plan many residents oppose), the city of Charlotte is considering upgrades of its own, specifically pertaining to the I-277 loop and the much-debated interstate cap, now pegged at around $330 million:

(…) much of the study will focus on making I-277 less of a rural-style expressway with cloverleaf interchanges. The city wants to remake the exits into more urban-style interchanges, with shorter on and off ramps that encourage vehicles to drive slower.

The city and the N.C. Department of Transportation have already done some of that work. When building the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the city and state reconfigured the I-277 and South Boulevard interchange by creating on and off ramps that took up a smaller footprint. (…)

Other parts of I-277 that will be studied include:

  • Interchange of John Belk Freeway and Interstate 77. Coleman said the interchange is very congested during rush hour and has the highest crash rate on I-277. She said the interchange needs a “complete reconfiguration.”
  • I-77 exits between John Belk and Brookshire freeways. Coleman said the exits could be redesigned from cloverleafs to smaller interchanges to create new land for development.
  • Interchange of Brookshire Freeway and I-77. Coleman said the city must wait on the state’s plans to add a toll lane on I-77 before moving forward.

Read more by Steve Harrison at the Charlotte Observer.

Some images of the existing freeway cap plans:


  1. Chris 17 Jan 2015 at 9:37 AM

    Justin, I’d love to see something like this come to fruition since it would better connect Uptown and South End. Also, it would be visually appealing. Finally, anything to improvement to the traffic situation is more than welcome!

    Any updates for where this is as of 2015?