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How AdSpark is promoting community in Charlotte

Posted on 18 Dec 2012 by Justin Ruckman

Fun facts about local promotional products company AdSpark:

  • first off, they supply promotional swag like clothing, water bottles, keychains, awards, golf gear, jewelry, etc
  • 5% of all proceeds become donations to non-profits and charities of each customer’s choosing, which are promoted on AdSpark’s Facebook and Twitter profiles, and their quarterly email
  • to-date AdSpark’s customers have raised over $2,500 for non-profits, and contributed over $3,000 in promo products to non-profit events
  • they use local printers and products made from renewable and/or biodegradable materials and presses whenever possible

They’ve also donated to several local Kickstarter campaigns, as part of their commitment to startups and entrepreneurs, including ours not so long ago, as well as Craftie, Industry Coworking, and A Chess Player.

Learn more on their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter (@adsparkpromos).

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