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George Shinn: Hornets name belongs to Charlotte

Posted on 11 Dec 2012 by Justin Ruckman

Per a call with The Observer’s Tom Sorensen, which he writes about today:

His message is clear. When New Orleans’ NBA franchise relinquishes the Hornets’ name, Michael Jordan should pounce on it.

Shinn, 71, backs up a little, says he isn’t telling Jordan what to do.

”If Michael sees fit, I’d like to help,” Shinn says.

He says the Hornets nickname would be great for Jordan, Jordan’s team and the community.

”It was never my name,” says Shinn. “It belonged to Charlotte.”

It belongs to Tom Benson, who owns the name and the basketball team. To his credit, Benson would like a name that’s tethered to New Orleans. Rarely do names tied with one region work in another. Utah Jazz is a failure. New Orleans Hornets is a failure. Los Angeles Lakers works only because the name is distinctive and the team used to be.

Pelicans works because the Pelican is Louisiana’s state bird. The Hornets could become the Pelicans as soon as next season.

This would free Hornets, and for no more than $3 million – $2.5 million was the figure quoted to me last season – the Bobcats could make the name theirs.

”I think they should use the colors, the mascot, all of that,” Shinn says.


  1. Alex 12 Dec 2012 at 4:37 PM

    Charlotte, Utah, and New Orleans should just all switch names. The Bobcats name should go to Utah. Utah Bobcats would work because bobcats live in the rockies. The Jazz should then go to New Orleans. New Orleans has a music background so the New Orleans Jazz would work. Then The Hornets name should come to Charlotte. The Hornets is just our classic title. It would be a perfect solution for each of the teams.