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Watch: Pages, a free 10-part video series with readings by some of Charlotte’s most prominent authors

Posted on 8 Aug 2012 by Scott Lazes

As it turns out, there are many very talented writers based in Charlotte. Unsure of how to properly showcase this talent, we turned to what we know know best — video — and asked 10 of Charlotte’s most prominent writers to meet us at Park Road Books to read excerpts from their respective works on camera. We wanted to romanticize reading as best as we could, and cinematic means seemed to be the best way to accomplish that.

The location of Park Road Books was fitting. They are one of the last remaining independently owned bookstores in Charlotte, and one of the reasons they’re still in business is because they host readings and other types of events that bring people into the store — something the larger chains haven’t been able to facilitate. Virtually every author who read for Pages knew and said hello to Frank, the store manager, before we started filming. Most of their books were already on the bookstores’ shelves.

There is a community of writers and passionate readers here. Sometimes it just takes a reframing of something that is already present to truly appreciate it.

Enter, Pages:

Sheri Lynch

Rye Barcott

Reita Pendry

Rebecca McClanahan

Michael Solender

Martha Gamble Hall

Jeremy Markovich

Don Carroll

Dannye Romine Powell

Alex Coffin


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