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CLT Blog Online Town Hall w/ John Lassiter

Posted on 15 Jun 2009 by Justin Ruckman


date: Sun, Jun 21
time: 8pm

We’ll be streaming live with Republican Mayoral candidate John Lassiter (@lassiterjohn) this coming Sunday, June 21st, at 8pm. The broadcast will take place over on CLT Blog Live.

What questions should we ask him? You can submit and vote on questions here. If you’d like to see the questions submitted for the last online town hall w/ Anthony Foxx, you can see them here. We’ll ask whatever the highest ranked (and appropriate) questions are as decided by the end of the week.

And like our last online town hall, we’ll open the very end of the stream up for impromptu questions from the Twitter community and chat room. So if any questions are raised during the discussion, or if yours never gets asked, there will be an opportunity to find answers.

Nathan Richie (@nathanrichie) will be moderating again. This is our second event in this format. Please join us online this Sunday!

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