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Final push to get CLT Blog to Turkey!

Posted on 5 Jun 2012 by Bobby DeMuro

We’re making a final push to Turkey, and we’ve got just an hour left on the Kickstarter! We got our funding, every donation we’ve received is guaranteed, and now, we’re asking you to help us make this better.

We’re challenging you guys to see if we can raise another $1,500 to get a fourth producer from CLT Blog to join us, and if you haven’t already and you feel like donating a few dollars, we’d really appreciate your support!

We’re amazed by the outpouring of support we’ve already had, and we believe in the community to take us even further — that’s YOU!

Click here to support our trip to Turkey (there’s also much more information about our TV pilot at the link).

But you’ve got to hurry! Our Kickstarter campaign ENDS at 7:00 pm eastern TONIGHT!