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Labs on 15th teaches kids how to code, come out to their demo day @ CPCC next Tuesday!

Posted on 24 May 2012 by Justin Ruckman

Labs on 15th started over 3 months ago at Area 15 with the simple aim to help get kids learning and using the latest in web technology. Founders Philip & Dae Dodds offered this free course to children in the neighborhood, and built a class of 7 kids ages 1117. In addition to their own personal instruction, they’ve been enlisting the help of volunteers from the local tech community (including myself) to teach topical classes in areas such as:

  • Basics of web programming
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • Building web applications in the Cloud (using Cloud 9 IDE)
  • Storing data in MongoDB (using free accounts from MongoHQ)
  • Storing files in AWS (using S3)

And if none of those subjects means anything to you, what does that tell you about the skills these kids are developing?

For the last month the students have been working away on their own projects, including visualizing music and sounds, organizing timelines of events in occupational therapy, building chat servers for gaming communities, and transforming medical terms to flash cards. They’ve worked incredibly hard to learn some of the latest technology and next week, five of the students will be showcasing some of their work at the Labs on 15th Demo Day, Tuesday the 29th, 56 PM, at CPCC’s Belk Building uptown, room 4510.

They’ll be starting up a new class in September, this time located at CPCC, so next week’s event is both a celebration for the current “graduates”, and an opportunity to learn more about the future of the program.

Parking/location details: