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Charlotte rocks, Tampa sucks: CNN City Smackdown ends TODAY

Posted on 21 May 2012 by Bobby DeMuro

…seriously, Tampa sucks.

Today, CNN iReport pitting rival convention cities against each other: Charlotte, North Carolina (home of the 2012 DNC) vs. Tampa, Florida (home of the 2012 RNC).

If you love Charlotte, here’s your chance to stand up for your city! Tell CNN the best thing about it, or the one or two reasons you like it better than any other. Got photos to back it up? Include your best Charlotte photos to back up your claim.

The best stories, photos and travel tips could be featured in a CNN story.

Let our example video here get you started, and maybe inspire you a little bit to wax poetic about the Queen City, its institutions, people, and achievements.

Here’s more from The PPL’s blog. Get your submissions posted to CNN now, the Smackdown ends today!

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