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Jobs, fashion & local soccer, on the latest 282

Posted on 14 May 2012 by Justin Ruckman

We’re back w/ another episode of 282!

It’s May and thousands of college students in Charlotte are graduating. What’s the job market and financial climate like for them, and what tips and advice could aid them if they’re searching for a job with their new degree?

Summer fashion preview: What are some of the popular trends, colors, and/or styles for men and women this coming season? Are there any notable fashion events coming up in Charlotte?

How is soccer being cultivated in Charlotte? Will sports like soccer, rugby, and lacrosse (the Charlotte Hounds, a Major League Lacrosse team just kicked off their first season April 28) outside of the big three (football, basketball, baseball) ever become more popular in this region?

Our guests this week:

  • David Pinkley, career strategist, job search campaign manager, and founder of The Resume Sage
  • Erica Hanks, fashion editor for QC Exclusive magazine
  • Mac Lackey, CEO of KYCK, the Global Futbol Experience

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