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Co-Ed Dodgeball Comes to Charlotte this Saturday!

Posted on 26 Apr 2012 by Matt Cheney

If you’re an “adult”, Charlotte certainly has its fair share of organized sports to join like softball, basketball, flag football, heck…even kickball.

But for some reason, it’s lacking anything dodgeball related. You’re probably thinking one of two things…the over the top Ben Stiller movie or your middle school gymnasium.

Well, it’s time to bring old school dodgeball tournament to Charlotte this Saturday — at the newly built (and probably under-utilized) gymnasium in the Bette Rae Thomas Rec Center off Tuckaseegee Rd. this Saturday at 10am.

Did you cringe at the thought of getting beaned in the head with an old school rubber dodgeball? Guys, it hurts no matter how tough you are. Check this out. There’s now foam-core balls, which give you just as much satisfaction when hurling, yet don’t leave a mark when you get tagged in the face. Dodgeball innovation!

The only catch is that you’ve got to be over 21. There won’t be alcohol served, but we wanted to keep the kids away.

You can roll up with your own full team (of 8 people), with a couple friends or solo and you’ll get picked gym class style…with a twist…you’ll be picked in groups, so you can play on the same team as your friends.

If you want to play, meet us at the Bette Rae Thomas Rec Center (2921 Tuckaseegee Rd.
Charlotte, NC) at 10am — you can sign up online or at the day of for $10 — however the tournament is limited to 16 teams of 8 — and it’s first come first serve.

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