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Rusty Walnut and Firdausi, co-founderRusty Walnut and Firdausi, co-founder

With Spring around the corner, NoDa’s All Arts Market welcomes casual arts & crafts connoisseurs

Posted on 19 Mar 2012 by Natalie Houck

The third Friday of every month in NoDa is dedicated to crawling through unique and original art. The epicenter for this well-known event sits at the Neighborhood Theater, which houses over 70 vendors of arts, crafts, cupcakes, candles and many other wickedly unique pieces.

A maze of artists proudly selling their work, and eager to talk about their craft, lined the inside of the Neighborhood Theater March 16th.

Vendors were excited to pose for pictures, smiling proudly that people were appreciating their craft. One of those vendors was Rusty Walnut, a company that produces wooden signs and just launched this month. Fahad B. Firdausi, co-founder of Rusty Walnut said, “all of our products are hand-made, (…) we decided to participate in the All Arts Market to get the word out.”

If you haven’t checked out Noda’s All Arts Market the next date is May 18th. Also, if you are looking for a great atmosphere to show your craft or artistry, registration for the market opens at 7am on April 30th for May 18th. Go to nodarioty.org to register and to learn more.

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